Gura Gear Team

  • Samuel Cotton

    Samuel Cotton

    Coming from British Columbia, Canada, Sam is a long time member of the Gura Gear team. Spanning from Advertising to Web Design his integral role in the company is ongoing! Sam loves spending his time exploring the wild west coast of British Columbia. Finding the wildest distant locations to capture along the way.

  • Maja Beaton

    Our ever lively and shining light Maja is the Marketing Director at Gura Gear. Coming from the Oregon Coast she loves film photography, traveling the globe, and is truly a friend to everyone she meets.

  • Albert Tu

    The brains behind the operations, Albert is the CFO at Gura Gear keeping our next heading in the sights. Coming from California Coast, Albert enjoys the finer things in life like a great meal, traveling, and capturing his experiences along the way.

  • Trevor Peterson

    The founder and chief designer of Gura Gear products, Trevor is truly a creative genius when it comes to gear. His designs are the backbone of the company and he's never finished. Trevor is a safari photography junkie, world traveler, and adventurer through and through.