Solving for a critical need: Weight

Co-founders Trevor Peterson and renowned wildlife photographer Andy Biggs created Gura Gear to answer a problem critical to traveling to extreme locations: weight limits on photo gear.

En-route independently to East Africa, both Andy and Trevor got into some trouble with the carryon restrictions at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. “I had packed two Nikon Pro DSLR bodies and 200-400mm f/4, 70-200mm f/2.8, & 24-70mm f/2.8 lenses, putting me past the weight limits. It took some convincing to get in the air, "-Trevor.

Talking over the campfire after a long day of photographing wildlife, Andy and Trevor discussed what the perfect camera bag would be. Literally on the back of napkin, the Kiboko backpack was sketched out. 

Over two years of development, eight rounds of prototypes, and one patent application later (and one very frustrated factory manager), the Kiboko camera backpack was launched. 

The Kiboko camera backpacks were a followed up by the Chobe shoulder bag. Flexible as an executive travel briefcase, the Chobe was the perfect complement to the Kiboko. It carried a laptop and all the additional hard drives, batteries, and cables with room left over for extra lenses. Additionally, as 'personal items' were rarely weighed on flights, the Chobe provided additional carrying capacity for camera gear

Technical innovation

Since the beginning, Gura Gear products have been made with X-Pac VX-21, a high-tech sailcloth used on racing yachts. The material is made in the USA by Dimension Polyant and is as lightweight as it is durable/weatherproof. The fabric comes at a cost premium, but we only use the best materials in our products.

In fact, GuraGear was the first in the world to use the VX-21 fabric in wide production for bags and backpacks.


X-Pac is produced at carbon neutral factories

That's right, our primary material, VX-21 tech fabric, is produced at Dimension Polyant's 100% climate neutral facilities. We are pleased that not only is X-Pac the best quality material, it is the best for the climate.

In 2019 we launched an updated version of the Kiboko backpack. This was the result of years of R&D and incorporated feedback from our loyal customers. In addition to updating the compartments to fit todays camera gear, laptops, and tablets, we added many new technical and design features. In 2021, we released the Chobe 2.0 everyday carry.

In August 2022, we launched our most innovative product yet: The Kiboko City Commuter. Designed specifically with modern mirrorless camera systems in mind, the City Commuter has a roll-top compartment, rear panel camera compartment with side door for quick access - all in a slim, stylish silhouette.