Yaron Schmid

"Veterinarian, Conservationist, Award Winner, Wildlife Photographer and Safari Leader.

As a veterinarian, I offer a special look into the eyes and souls of the animals I photograph. My ability to read and anticipate animal behavior allows me to catch 'special moments' and give you a glimpse into their rich emotional lives and unique personalities."

"I lead African safaris, and specialize in East Africa. My guests get to experience Africa in a special and intimate way, mostly away from the crowds. My knowledge of animal behavior and the African wildlife, together with great spotting ability, makes a safari with me a rich and rewarding experience."

"I’m a wildlife photographer leading safaris in Africa and I carry a LOT of gear with on international flights and in the field. My quest to find the ideal bag has finally ended once I got the Kiboko v 2.0 30L. It is everything a bag should be and more: Spacious, secure, versatile, comfortable, affordable, durable and much more. I highly recommend this bag and menu other products that Guragear make."

V2 Kiboko 30L+