Kiboko 2.0 and Kiboko City

Kiboko 2.0: updated versions of our groundbreaking original backpack, first lauched in 2008. Packed with innovations and tailored for today's gear. Our patented dual compartment system stores two mounted cameras along with additional lenses and gear.

Kiboko City: Our new line designed for creators using mirrorless camera kits - Slim Silhouettes with rear panel access. These backpacks hold laptops and tablets, along with camera gear.

Kiboko 2.0


Which Kiboko is best for me?

Kiboko 16L+ is designed for mirrorless setups

Kiboko 22L+ is sized for DSLR or mirrorless with battery grip

NEW Kiboko 30L+ is for pro sized bodies and supertelephoto lenses, with a laptop sleeve

Kiboko 30L is for carrying maximum camera gear - without a laptop sleeve there is an additional 0.5 inch depth in the main compartment

NEW Kiboko City Commuter 18L+ is designed for mirrorless cameras

What materials do you use?

X-PAC® VX-21 by Dimension Polyant is the most light-weight and durable fabric ever for ultimate protection from the elements. We were the first to implement this material into camera bag design.

Can I take my bag as carry-on?

The Kiboko is designed to stay within international flight carry-on size regulations. The bags are ultra lightweight allowing you to bring extra gear instead of more bag weight.

The largest bag, our Kiboko 30L, has stowable shoulder straps to give it a more compact appearance for travel.

Can I return my camera bag?

If your bag is in new condition you can return it for a full refund. Within 30 days of purchase.