Pareet Shah

Pareet Shah is a wildlife and wedding photographer based in Mombasa, Kenya. He loves to play with light and shadow in his imagery - whether it is with brides or with leopards! His unique imagery stems from the fact that he is always trying to push the boundaries to the limit and sometimes even over. “If I have not failed, how do I know where my limit is?”

Pareet shoots as a freelance photographer for the United Nations too.

His work is very demanding of his gear and that is one of the reasons he loves his Gura Gear Kiboko V2 30L Backpack. “My Kiboko takes all the abuse that I throw at it, whilst keeping all my gear safe. I love the little attention to detail (asymmetrical grab handle, zipper pulls, stowable shoulder straps etc) which over time, I realise are not so little!”

He shoots with various Sony bodies and lenses, but is experimenting more and more with his Fujifilm Medium Format gear. 

For more of his work, please see

Instagram: @chekawild and @chekaweddings