Anansi Multi-Purpose Bean Bag

$34.95 USD

Stabilizes Lenses, Tripods, Light Stands

  • Hook-and-Loop Divider Balances Fill

  • Non-Slip Cordura Construction

  • May be Used as a Ballast Bag

  • Double Stitched Seams

  • Reinforced Handles

Customer Reviews

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Anansi was designed on safari, but perfected in the forests and deserts of North America and refined in the studio. Precision handcrafted materials and careful attention to detail make Anansi the premium multi-purpose sack capable of stabilizing a lens, a tripod, or giving your light stand or boom some weight. The hourglass shape reduces the amount of fill required without sacrificing the surface area you need for stability. A velcro divider on the inside allows you to control exactly how much fill is on either side. Anansi uses top-quality components. The bottom of the sack is made of high-quality Cordura for maximum durability and features a convenient non-slip coating on each edge.

Use your Anansi on safari flat on the roof of your vehicle or clip the buckles for a V-shaped that is perfect for a little extra lift. For those who need stability when using a tripod, light stand, or boom, Anansi can also be used as a ballast bag.

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