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Kiboko City Commuter 18L+

Designed for Mobile Creatives

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Color — Black

Pacific Blue and Sahara Brown shipping June, preorder now!

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Roll top camera backpack

Side panel quick access

Rear panel camera compartment

Perfect for mirrorless camera kits

Best pick for creative professionals. 


    Exterior Dimensions
    18.5” x 12”x 8”

    47cm x 30 cm x 20cm

    Side Access Opening

    6.5” x 4.5”

    16.5cm x 11.4cm

    Interior Dimensions
    Roll Top Compartment

    No extension

    11” x 4.5 x 5”

    28cm x 11.4cm x

    Fully extended

    11.5” x 4.5” x 12”

    28cm x 11.4cm x 30.5cm

    Main Compartment

    11” x 11” x 4”

    28cm x 2cm x 10cm

    Lightweight: 3.9 lbs / 1.7kg


    The external shell fabric used for our Kiboko line is X-Pac® VX-21 by Dimension Polyant which is extremely lightweight, durable and weather resistant.

    The internal padding used on our dividers is Artilion foam which is the same padding used in motorcycle helmets. The reason we use this for the dividers of our bags is because Artilion foam gets stronger as it becomes more compressed therefore protecting your gear maximally. It is also extremely light weight.

    Designed to Carry
    • 16" laptop
    • 13" tablet
    • Mirrorless camera kits
    • Kiboko City Commuter Backpack
    • 1 articulated shelf divider
    • 2 Medium dividers
    • 8 Small dividers
    • 2 equipment protection pads

    Winner Best Camera Bag 2022 Winne - Lucie Technical AwardsTop 5 Best Camera Bag 2023 - Carryology Carry Awards X

    PetaPixel's Best Day-Use Backpack for Photographers

    “For years, the best choice was Peak Design Everyday Backpack... 

    That finally changes with Gura Gear’s Kiboko City backpack, which does everything the Everyday Backpack does better — and more. 

    See the full review in PetaPixel's "Best Camera Bags in 2024"

    Dan Carr at Shuttermuse

    See the full text of Dan Carr's detailed writeup "The Perfect Camera Bag?"

    "It competes closely with, or matches, the camera bags that I would consider apparent competitors in this market segment: the Peak Design Everyday Backpack and the WANDRD Prvke. Neither of these bags uses expensive X-Pac material, and neither comes close to the number of features, thoughtfulness of design, quality of hardware and carrying comfort found in the Kiboko. Gura Gear’s offering feels a step above them in every respect."

    Chase Reeves video review

    The Kiboko City Commuter

    With the design of this bag, we answered the essential question: How do we make a bag so versatile that it could be used by virtually any content creator and not just photographers? Cue the Kiboko City Commuter.

    Hello Commuter.

    The Kiboko City Commuter is our first roll top bag. And, our first bag specifically designed for the creative who's on the move. Our most versatile and satisfying-to-use bag yet.

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    This is the lightest bag in the whole market

    (in it's size category).

    Lighter = Easier = More gear = Less hassle

    A lighter bag makes traveling with any amount of gear a breeze ✈️

    Rear Access

    The best camera organization system ever designed. We use lightweight motorcycle helmet foam as the material for our fully customizeable divider system. This premium material is one-of-a-kind because unlike cheaper foams, it gets stronger as it becomes more compressed. We also include plenty of extra dividers to allow for any configuration.

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    Packed with Features

    1. Side Panel Camera Access
    2. Tufted Pocket Designed for Et Cetera S and XS
    3. Netted Accessory Pockets
    4. Carabiner for keys
    5. Passport Pocket with RFID Shield
    6. Lanyard designed to secure Tembo Memory Card Case
    7. Magnetic Water Bottle Pocket


    We've thought of every feature that can make your creative work more seamless and enjoyable. From pockets for everything, to a snap-flat water bottle pocket - thoughtful design is everything.

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    Fidlock Buckles

    We only use premium materials, so it was only right to use Fidlock magnetic buckles everywhere that we could. Function + top tier design is the sweet spot we are always aiming for.


    Our 3D mesh and deep air channels make for less back sweat and a more comfortable carry.

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    The reviews are in...

    • This bag gives photographers so much versatility. A rolltop feature lets you expand the bag to carry a ton of gear. Plus, there is a handy side door for access to your primary camera in the bag. In addition to that, it’s insanely comfortable, not only for men but women too.

      Chris Gampat, The Phoblographer
    • Occasionally, there is a camera bag that really does get your attention. Sometimes it’s the access, sometimes it’s the weight, or sometimes it’s the materials. For Gura Gear’s new Kiboko City Commuter 18L+, it has the trifecta.

      Laurence Fry, Carryology
    • The Gura Gear Kiboko City Commuter is a wonderful bag. It’s well designed, carries a substantial amount of gear, keeps gear protected, and it’s incredibly comfortable. The materials are durable and rugged, the magnetic clasps are strong and work well, and the roll top design gives you even more space for gear, snacks, books, and whatever else you want to carry. It’s a well-designed bag that will serve city dwellers well

      Brett Day, Photofocus
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