Mike Darter

Mike Darter is a photographic artist with the natural world as his preferred subject. Mike has been studying and documenting wildlife and wild spaces since he was a young boy, growing up in Oklahoma. Mike’s images teach us about our natural world through the connective emotions that we share when we see something from his vision.  He has been leading wildlife and nature photo tours for the past 8 years through Aaron’s Tours, based in Seattle. 

Photography is an incredible art that in our modern world has the ability to change our thoughts, our politics, our opinions and in Mike’s hands, change our hearts. You can see the resilience and struggle in the eyes of a Bison trying to survive winter in Yellowstone. Or, the strength and vulnerability in a Silverback in the extreme mountains of war torn central Africa. The incredible beauty of a ridgeline in the Tetons.

Mike’s talents bring these to our own eyes.
The Kiboko backpack allows me to get the best shot in the field.  Hands down.  It is the only backpack that I can fit my 400mm f2.8 or 500mm f4 on a body, along with a second camera and the 70-200mm f2.8, and another lens, go pro, and more, and still fit in the overhead of any plane.  The top Butterly zipper system really allows you to maximize that space. In a recent flight, I was actually able to get both my Kiboko and Chobe messenger bag in the overhead in one space. 
The Chobe gives me that extra space needed for my laptop, tablet, a couple more lenses and all cables an accessories.  With having a wide and narrow insert for the Chobe, and it being expandable, it is the perfect solution for any setup.

It's hard to find a good bag for long lenses that will travel safe, but this backpack does it all and does it well! In a recent trip to Alaska, I had my Sony a1 with the 400mm f2.8, Sony a7R4 with the 70-200mm f2.8, along with GoPro, filters, cables and more packed in it, and it fit in the overhead bay in all flights! Now with the Chobe messenger bag, this is THE BEST overall solution for those who plan on flying with long lenses and lots of gear. Great job GG!

V2 Kiboko 30L+