• Urban-based content creator  

    Urban-based content creator

    Shoots daily or weekly, creating still and video content for clients or pleasure.

    Their gear includes new mirrorless cameras like the Sony Alpha plus gimbals and audio equipment.

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  • Hybrid Home/Office  

    Hybrid Home/Office

    Project managers and content development pros that commute to the office or photo shoots.

    Their gear includes laptops, tablets, documents, and even a camera or two.

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  • Weekend Warrior  

    Weekend Warrior

    Spends weekends photographing weddings or at the closest national park.

    Their gear inlcudes full sized DSLRs cameras, multiple lenses, and lighting or sound equipment.

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  • Epic Traveler  

    Epic Traveler

    Takes photo trips to Antarctica, the Serengeti, and the Galapagos.

    Their gear includes multiple DSLRs cameras, super telephoto lenses, and tons of extra gear.

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