Go Green with us.

Introducing the Gura Gear Garage Sale, a great opportunity to save money on your next Gura Gear purchase.

Two tiers of products

1. Like New: only missing the original packaging or product tags.
2. Lightly Used: Missing an item or two, or slightly worn.


Where do these bags come from

Returns are often sent from our warehouse because they are missing original packaging. Sometimes we lend out the bags for marketing purposes, Some are bags we've used for photo shoots.

What is the warranty policy?

These bags are sold AS IS

Should I worry about the quality

We want you to feel like you got a fair deal. We stand by the quality of the Like New products - they really have not seen use. For the Lightly Used, we will clearly describe the product issues, so you can make your own decision

Like New

The same great bags, same great quality, just missing some original packing.

A new lifelong campanion awaits at a lowered price.

Lightly Used

We say "pre-loved" because "used" just isn't fair to the bag. These products have been pre-inspected for quality and are guaranteed just like all of our products.

We specify each missing item or point of damage, so you can decide for yourself.

For example, missing rain cover or waist belt.

See below options: