ShotKit Reviews our Kiboko Backpacks

ShotKit Reviews our Kiboko Backpacks

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Shotkit is one of the leading authorities on photography and camera gear. They have just published a detailed review of Gura Gear's Kiboko camera backpacks, rating them "Highly Reccommended"

Here's a brief excerpt:

TLDR version: This thing is an awesome beast.

The long version: The GuraGear Kiboko V2.0 30L is a large, statement-making, utilitarian-designed camera backpack. It’s big, bold, tough, and ready for you to stuff your entire life into it.

A signature design feature is the wide-opening butterfly-style front lids, which allow you to clearly segment your main compartment into two defined regions.

The lids also contain a large number of organisational pockets both on the front and back.

Admittedly, the split design and layout will probably not be for everybody at a glance, but it’s a bold move considering the usual format that we often see. It’s actually pretty useful since, in fact, it can help when compartmentalising your loadout.


Kiboko's butterfly compartments



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