Our X-Pac tech fabric produced at 100% Climate Neutral facilities

Our X-Pac tech fabric produced at 100% Climate Neutral facilities

Climate change is on many people's minds right now.  Did you know that the X-Pac tech fabric that Gura Gear uses is produced at Gate-to-Gate 100% Climate-Neutral facilities?

From our longtime materials partner, Dimension Polyant:

Since 2021, Dimension Polyant’s Kempen, Germany and Putnam, CT production facilities have been 100% climate-neutral. Carbon emissions have been recorded within the DIN ISO 50001 framework and significantly reduced through the use of green electricity, green gas and other measures. All remaining emissions are being reduced by our carbon offset program in corporation with ClimatePartner and its Plastic Free Oceans climate protection project.

“The COVID pandemic gave us time to reflect, review and take action on our sustainability goals, beginning first with making our production facilities as green as possible,” said Uwe Stein, CEO, Dimension-Polyant. “We are proud our commitment in 2020 directed us to being 100% gate-to-gate carbon neutral in 2021.   learn more

Since the beginning, Gura Gear products have been made with X-Pac VX-21, a high-tech sailcloth used on racing yachts. Made in the USA by Dimension Polyant, this material is ultra-lightweight, weatherproof, and exceptionally durable. The fabric comes at a cost premium, but we only use the best materials in our products.

In fact, Gura Gear was the first to use Dimension-Polyants's X-Pac VX-21 in wide production for bags and backpacks.