"Dreams of Travel" Photo Contest Winners

"Dreams of Travel" Photo Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of our "Dreams of Travel" Photo Contest!

Katrina Brown gains the top prize for this stunning image that evokes a world beyond.

"I shot this image in the waters of the Salton Sea along the shores of Bombay Beach. We waited until 5 minutes past blue hour to light up the sparkler and spun as many shots as possible until it extinguished, and this was the magic shot.
Captured with a Canon 5D Mark IV using Canon lens EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
Image shot at f 5.6 at ISO 100 for 3.2 seconds"
See more of Katrina Brown's work at:


Our second prize goes to Muhammad Amdad Hossain's joyful image of children letting loose.

"The joy of childhood in the rainy season Due to climate change, when rains are drawn in the country for 3-5 days, the water in the village pictures becomes frozen. In the water,the children of the village celebrate different kinds of pleasures and play different kinds of sports."

Find more of Muhammad Amdad Hossain's work here and on Instagram: @amdad.photo


Congratulations and thank you to all that submitted entries. To see the full gallery, please click here