Kiboko V2.0 30L - Pre Sale

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This Award-Winning Camera Backpack is the Ideal Carry Solution for Professional DSLR Systems with Telephoto Lenses

  • Holds 2 mounted DSLRs plus additional bodies and lenses
  • Fits DSLR with attached 400mm f/2.8 Lens
  • unattached lenses up to 800mm
  • Ultradurable X-Pac VX-21 outer shell
  • Lightweight: 3.9 lbs
  • Patented Butterfly access to Dual Compartments 
  • Water Bottle and Tripod Sleeves

The updated Kiboko 2.0 carries all the camera and lighting gear you need for remote shoots, all in an ultralight weight, water-resistant, X-Pac VX-21 shell. 14 additional sleeves and compartments provide quick access and organization for all your drives, chargers and accessories. A 3D Mesh rear panel, padded straps and waist-belt make heavy loads easy to bear.  Packed with design innovations from years of use and customer feedback, the Kiboko 2.0 makes shooting in the field a breeze

Kiboko 30L - Interior Dimensions
11.81 x 20.08 x 5.91" / 30 x 51 x 15 cm

Customer Reviews

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Jim Abernethy

“I’ve used their Kiboko 30L for many many years. It’s ultra lightweight roughly 4 lbs, so I can carry 6 extra pounds of camera gear instead of 6 pounds of bag. I trashed my old camera bag which weighed 11 lbs. I use it every time I travel and as you well know, I'm always traveling!”

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